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Engaging Solutions


"I liked the overall approach Protegra took, because we needed new ways of thinking and new systems needed to be built.  Protegra involved our staff in the analysis, solutions and decisions.  I have no hesitation in recommending Protegra to others."

Ben Rempel
Assistant Deputy Minister,  Manitoba Labour and Immigration

Customers want more meaningful products and services. Protegra exists to bring these into the world. We work with you to create solutions people really need.

From generating moments of inspiration to delivering better solutions, Protegra’s approach to designing meaningful software ensures that the right problems are being solved. Our methodology places the customer at its centre. Only through understanding their needs is innovation possible. This understanding ensures we build desirable solutions that address actual problems and opportunities faced by real people.

When Protegra starts a project, we first learn from the people directly affected by the potential solution. This entails taking a behavior-based approach to learning, and we use Innovation Games to gain a deeper understanding of what people are trying to achieve.

Through intimate understanding we can construct solution prototypes to test and validate. This interaction between empathy and solution design is critical to the process as it transforms correlation into causation. Using techniques inspired by the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas we generate a business model to substantiate the market opportunity for the solution. We also work with you to ensure the solution fits within your organization’s strategy and create a framework for its effective execution.

Integral to this approach is ensuring the work is done efficiently and enjoyably, utilizing many techniques derived from agile including kanban and scrum. This team-approach to execution and learning is what people need to deliver fast and meaningful solutions.  

We believe empathy, understanding, and learning are essential to creating innovative solutions.

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Agile software

Agile software

We are the host of the Software Development and Evolution Conference (SDEC). In its 6th year, SDEC is a software development conference for practitioners, by practitioners. Protegra is also proud to support Prairie Dev Con, ICTAM, SQL Saturday, the Winnipeg Agile User Group, and QNet. Protegra is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

We help organizations create great software

Protegra helps organizations create and maintain software through consulting, mentoring, development, and maintenance services. Our solutions encompass mobile apps, web applications, desktop applications, databases, and integration with other software solutions.


With Protegra you will:

Design and deliver solutions – using agile methods, we create software-enabled solutions that solve the problem. Use our Customer Engagement Approach, the solutions also improve the Business Model of your organization.

Develop the solution in the fastest time – an integrated Customer Engagement Approach reduces hand-offs. Agile methods allow for the quickest path toward the best solution.

Receive an exceptional client experience – we focus on what matters to you. We are collaborative and transparent in our work, and you are engaged in every step. We deliver.

Projects that are designed to succeed - agile methods are mirrored in contractual expectations, so the scope can vary as we learn, allowing for the schedule and budget to remain certain.

How we approach software development

We use agile software development because it adapts to learning. Leveraging customer insight and empathy, software features are estimated and prioritized into rapid iterations by a team of developers, analysts and those people who will directly benefit from the software. Upon completion of each iteration, software is presented to the team for immediate feedback, informing the prioritization of existing scope and possibly the creation of new features. Scope can vary as we learn and prioritize with you, which allows for the schedule and budget to remain fixed.

Before software programming begins, a technical architecture pattern is created. This pattern provides the foundation upon which developers can build features in a standard way. This promotes code quality, readability, and future maintainability of the software. Software features are tested during each iteration to increase quality and minimize the risks associated with a large final testing phase.

To increase transparency and accountability we incorporate visual management tools. The client is involved in daily stand-up meetings to help make decisions about scope and to clear issues as they arise.


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